American Made Computers – Not a Myth

“We don’t make anything in this country anymore.” This phrase has been uttered over and over, so many times people accept it as reality. But the truth is America still retains its status as the largest manufacturing country in the world. A status the USA has held since World War II.

One of the products that are still made in the USA are computers. People may find this surprising since many consumer electronics are made overseas. But there are still American companies producing desktops and laptops in American factories. Some of the large computer companies produce some of their product lines here, but it can be hard to find out which models are American made and which ones are foreign. Fortunately, there are many smaller companies that produce all their models in this country.

Buying from a smaller manufacturer has several benefits. Small companies tend to do their technical and customer sales support in-house. That’s right, if you need to talk someone about your computer, its likely you’ll get a knowledgeable person based in the United Sates on the other side of the phone. Also, smaller computer companies don’t usually bloat your new computer with all kinds of trial software and spyware. Finally a smaller company will often have more interesting computer styles and configurations, and they will often provide a greater array of customizations.

Another misconception is that American made products are much more expensive then their foreign counterparts. This is certainly not the case with all products. Many smaller manufacturers can compete on price by not having large advertising budgets or having to pay to ship products halfway around the globe. Some are also able to provide longer warranties and perks like lifetime technical support.

While you can buy computers made in the USA, it is likely they will contain some foreign components. With our globalized economy, computer parts are made all over the world. A laptop made in America will likely have American and foreign components, just as a desktop made in China will likely have some American made components. Many CPUs, the brains of computer, are made in high-tech manufacturing facilities in the United States.

Buying American can be a rewarding experience. While you should never by an inferior product just because its American made, when you do find quality products made in the USA, it can be quite satisfying. Especially now with high unemployment and a struggling economy.

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