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Some Great Free Android Social Apps

TweetCaster for Twitter

One of the many free Android social apps centered on Twitter. This app lets you access your Twitter account, as well as post and view content just like the Twitter interface on the web. Fast and very powerful, this app boasts being the #1 Twitter app. It also claims to have more features than any other Twitter app! ...

How to Make Money With iPhone Apps Even Without Programming Experience

The beauty of the app system is that it isn't limited to professional developers, either. Some of the most popular iPhone apps have been created by ordinary people with absolutely no programming experience, who were armed with just one important tool: a great idea. These great ideas can also be great money-makers, as it turns out. A single app with a successful turnout can mean thousands of dollars for the the creator.

So how is it possible for a person with no programming experience to make money with iPhone apps? The answer is simple: outsourcing. Outsourcing means that the person with the idea for the app doesn't have to do the work of creating and developing it. Instead, they create an outline of what the app will do, how it should work, what it should look like, and any other essential characteristics. This rough plan is then passed on to a programmer with the technology and experience to bring the app to life. The programmer is usually paid either a straight fee, or receives a small percentage of the app's future sales, but the person with the original idea is the one who truly capitalizes from the app. Some people will also form partnerships, wherein one person is responsible for coming up with the new ideas, and the other takes care of the technical details. Either way, there's no need to study programming in order to jump to the forefront of the iPhone revolution. To make money with iPhone apps, the idea is the first vital step. ...

How To Make iPhone Apps (And Make Money That Will Replace Your 9-5): A Beginner’s Guide

When looking through the eyes of the consumer, there are two types of apps: paid and free, with each having its own advantages, and each being equally lucrative. The paid app revenue model is quite straightforward. Apps are offered for sale at a set price, usually somewhere between 99 cents and $2.99, which may seem modest at first, until you realize that these numbers could easily translate to $1 million to $3 million in revenue for a popular app.

The free app revenue model, on the other hand, has its basis in advertising, which it relies upon to bring in profits. Advertising itself is a multi-billion dollar industry monthly, and with the number of iPhone and iPhone app users currently at over 70 million and growing, companies are realizing the value in advertising through apps. Google AdSense and AdMob are two standouts at the forefront of serving mobile ads, which often take the form of banners running across the top or bottom of the app screen space. In its relatively brief lifespan, AdMob mobile ads have resulted in over 474 billion impressions, which translates to lots of happy advertisers, and therefore lots of happy app developers with even happier wallets. ...

What Makes For A Good iPhone App?

What makes for a good app? I decided to research into what makes blockbuster apps such as Angry Birds blockbuster; what formulates for a good app where minority make it big and majority flop so to speak. As a summary, this is what I found and came across:

  • With so many new apps being launched on a day to day basis all having the initial potential of making it big there is no imagining for some how stiff such competition actually is for a developer. We as app buyers and users only usually see the more popular apps or apps that we have specifically searched for. Sorry to break such things to an avid app buyer; but there is probably another 300,000 apps that you haven't yet seen or heard of knocking about on the iTunes store. So with this in mind, it is important to be different and be able to provide a unique experience that no other app offers. Is there a need or a niche for such app? Any similar apps already out there, how well are they doing? How well is the app going to be made (with regards to the developer's skill sets and utilising the latest technology the iPhone on hand)? Is it going to have worthy functionality that people are going to want to use? These are just a few of many questions you need to ask yourself before making a successful app.
  • Many developers go out to make money and for this to be their main motivator, not considering the user as a valuable consumer. Don't get me wrong, this is all good in some cases as people do deserve to earn for their efforts and time consumed, but this is not always the right basis to initially release an app on. This is an especially good technique for smaller app developers that don't have the preliminary wads of cash needed to make an app big. Cover Orange for example is one of the latest phenomenon's to hit the app store. Not only was it unique in the physics puzzler genre, but originally (before 59p) was a free app to download. That is one example of a smaller app developer making it big off decisions such as that one. This along with developers that offer demo's and lite versions of their app lure potential consumers buying if they like. Remember, not everybody wants to take the risk of maybe buying a rubbish app, demo's and lite versions resolve any doubts the user might have, increasing the chance to snap up another sale.
  • Stable, reliable with quick load speeds. If a user is purchasing an app (even for the likes of 59p) they expect it to be tested under multiple conditions for its reliability and have understandable loading speeds of a few seconds tops. Not many people are going to sit around waiting for an app to load-up for 30 seconds. People don't have patience any more like they used to.
  • Easy to use and navigate. Users like to be able to start using an app as soon as possible and not need a PhD in Computer Science in order to figure out any of its features.
  • Last but not least the look and feel of an app is just as important as any of the above in this day and age. Overblown visuals, neglecting the use of the latest technological advancements such as GPS, accelerometer, retina display and other functions available are just two of the many things NOT to do in this department.

Smart Phone Apps – Does Your Business Need One?

So as a retailer, is the time right to make the investment and launch an app for your business?

First, keep in mind that if you have a website it will be viewable from a smart phone already, so some of your customers may already be browsing your website from their phone and possibly even placing orders. Unfortunately, most websites are not optimized for a 4" screen so what might be user friendly on a 21" computer monitor is not quite so easy to navigate on a smart phone. Yes, you can optimize your website for viewing on a smartphone, but even doing that is not the ideal solution. The real strength and advantage of a custom written smart phone app it is designed from the ground up specifically for ease of use on a particular device. ...

Be the App Developer With the Paper Phone

Like anything else, apps are not born full grown. There is a creative process, part of which is finding out if your app will be easy to use by someone with the problem your app was created to solve.

Going back to the process, you identified the problem, picked out a possible solution that involves development of an app, checked to see what apps are already available for that problem, and have drilled down to make sure your app idea specifically addresses the problem your market has. As you know, the typical app user has a very short time available to solve the problem with this app. Smartphone users are on the go and may even be driving, so the app will need to be simple and efficient with few decisions. ...