Cellular Phone Downloads

Cellular phones are taking a leap forward by offering camera phones with better picture resolution and MP3 players with plenty of memory, while offering these new features at prices lower than present models. In such a scenario, you can juice up your phone with several cellular phone downloads available on the internet.



These cellular phone downloads are exchangeable skins and user interfaces for your cell phone. When you apply a new theme on your phone, it will get a totally new look. Not only does the wallpaper change, the menus and other bits of the interface might change as well. In addition a theme might contain a screensaver and a ringtone, to make the change complete. These cellular phone downloads are like getting a totally cool new phone for free.



These cellular phone downloads are another word for background or a logo. It’s an image you can use as a desktop background on your cellular phone. You can have these cellular phone downloads on your mobile phone through WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) or upload it by bluetooth, infrared (IR) or by using a cable. The cellular phone downloads can be obtained in the following image formats: jpg, gif and png. The screen on the cell phone has a resolution of 128×128 and higher so it’s best to use image cellular phone downloads that are exactly the correct size.



These cellular phone downloads are 3GP videos that are small movies for your cell phone. It is like having your own portable movie player with you wherever you go. Although the image quality of these cellular phone downloads is sometimes uninspiring, seeing moving 3GP images on your cell phone can be quite cool. 3GP is based on the MPEG 4 (MP4) standard, and includes AMR for the audio soundtrack. These 3GP cellular phone downloads are a cool addition to your cellular phone.



These cellular phone downloads are moving images (almost videos) that can be used in several ways on your phone. Such a gif animation can be used as a screensaver on your phone which activates when the phone is idle. These cellular phone downloads can also be used in picture messages (also known as MMS) which can be sent to your friends and family using your cell phone. Adding a cool screensaver to a phone and your picture messages is a popular way to customize it. Commonly, these cellular phone downloads are in gif format.



These cellular phone downloads are different types of music files used as alerts on the mobile phone when receiving incoming calls. These cellular phone downloads can be customized and by doing this you get a personalized and cool cellular phone. There are many different types of ring tones but the most common format is midi (.mid extension). You get ringers in 4, 16, and 40 midi channels and most cellphones support at least 16. Another popular format is smaf (.mmf extension). These two cellular phone download types are called polyphonic ringtones. Newer mobiles support something called realtones or soundalikes. Realtones are music files stored in the popular mp3 format or as wav tones. You also get realtones in a format called amr and wbamr.



These cellular phone downloads are Java games that are interactive games for your cell phone. It is like having your own portable game console with you wherever you go. Although these cellular phone downloads used to be quite primitive, being only in black and white and with beeping sounds (like snake), the best of these cellular phone downloads now have great color graphics, sound and gameplay with well known characters.



These cellular phone downloads are Java applications that are interactive software for your cell phone. It is like having your own portable computer with you wherever you go. Modern cellphone applications (usually in Java MIDP/midlet, Symbian SIS or Pocket PC format) can be quite advanced.

There are many ways to get the above accessories to your phone but the easiest is through cellular phone downloads from the internet through WAP. You can also carry out this cellular phone download from your pc through an infrared connection or by using Bluetooth if both your pc and phone support it. Many cellphones also have memory cards. If you have one and a memory card reader/writer for your pc, you can save these cellular phone downloads on the card and put them back in your phone. The last option is to transfer cellular phone downloads using a cable connection but usually mobile phones are delivered without such a cable.

According to recent studies, the demand for cellular phone downloads will triple within the next 12 months. According to a survey sponsored by LogicaCMG, 20% of mobile phone owners all over the world have already used cellular phone downloads, a percentage that is expected to grow 60% within the upcoming twelve months.

The study was carried out in Europe, Asia, North America and South America and has also revealed that monthly average of expenses with subscriber’s cellular phone downloads is currently 6.32 euros. About 40% of interviewees have expressed expected growth of cellular phone downloads for upcoming years. Ringtones, games and music are the three most popular cellular phone downloads.

Forty-one percent of the interviewees want to have the possibility of sharing the content of cellular phone downloads with their friends. Moreover, 17% of mobile phone users expect their phone carrier to provide network storage for all their cellular phone downloads.

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