Help and Tips for Developing Successful Apps

Most of us these days will own a smart phone of one type or other. Arguably, one of the biggest selling points of any smart phone is the use of apps.

Apps made the smart phone market extremely appealing and the ideas for apps that followed came in droves. So, now we have the situation where everybody would like to develop an app for either the iPhone or android platforms which can have the same success as the best apps out there.

Below are some tips you can use to help you get to your end goal for your own app development.


If you read any reviews of apps on either the iTunes Store or android market, you will read that one of the biggest complaints is over functionality.

Even when small games are ported to an app, people can complain about the gameplay and app functionality.

You have to be extremely familiar with the platform you wish to develop on to have an idea of the best ways to use your app.

No matter what functionality you buildings your app, you have to test and keep testing until you are hundred percent happy that your app works exactly as you want it to.

Give the app to friends to try out and get their honest opinion if you can. Don’t just take the first answers from them. Ask how the app can be made better, could the app do any more to make it better?
the more questions you ask the more feedback you will get.


When it comes to developing and app, it can be all too easy to put all your focus onto its workings and leave the design as an afterthought.

If your app does not look pleasing to the eye, people may not use it as often.

It is arguable that if your app has fantastic functionality and it does what it says on the tin, people will still use it. But in the crowded app marketplace, anything you can do to stand above the crowd is needed.

Simply look apps in the same market is your own, and see what designs they have used. You can easily hire a designer from places like old desk to design the individual graphics for you.

Free or paid for?

One of the major decisions before you release an app is will it be free or paid for.

This can be a whole topic in itself, but the main things to consider are free app is done to gain market interest so people will hopefully use the free app and then buy a paid version the future or you intend to release paid apps in the future and the free app is there to wet people’s appetites.

This area really does come down to your business model and your long-term ideas for the app.

You may want to consider some paid advertising in your app if it is free. Always try to add a link to a website of yours or online presence within your app. This will push app users to hopefully buy more things from you in the future.

If you look at an app like Angry Birds, once it was successful, the app push people to buy merchandise, which can be as lucrative as the app itself.

Always remember, that the app market will only get ever more busy and competitive, so anything you can do to make your app standout and bring in more customers is needed.

Start by looking at competitors in your market who are doing similar things to you. They will have gone through the same process as you are doing now.

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