How I Get Free TV on My Laptop

It’s great to be able to get free TV on your laptop, being able to watch TV wherever you go. The good news is this is getting more popular.

They work by picking up streaming video feeds from free TV stations on the internet, and you simply go online to pick this up. You do need broadband and access via a password to many of them. Some stations are now free anyway, but not the best content.

So apart from my listed basics and the laptop, the broadband connection (wireless is now available in many public places) you need pay a small fee to join a streaming TV service.

The problem with many of these services is that they link to copyrighted material and can be taken down at a moment’s notice, which I suppose is fair enough. You may have heard of the website TV links, which was closed down recently. The owner also facing criminal charges just for linking to the content – he didn’t even provide it himself. This poses a worrying dilemma for search engines such as Google – if it’s illegal to link to such material surely they should be shut down.

It’s better to go with an official free TV online service. I get free TV on my laptop from a couple I have tried, but find no real difference in quality of feed between the two. I prefer to base my decision purely on the amount of channels I can get. You may have to download some software to get access depending on the provider you choose.

I live in the UK, but now I can watch TV from all over Europe, Australia and the USA. I will be honest and tell you that many of the channels leave a lot to be desired. They aren’t always the same as mainstream broadcasting, but, hey – you control the one off button.

Many channels are good though, including many of the satellite stations that I watch anyway. It is really useful to be able to sit in a hotel room anywhere in the world and keep up with local news.

To sum up, the quality on the ones I’ve tried is about the same, don’t go for anything that sounds too good to be true (get a recommendation if you can) and get the best value for your money in terms of the number of channels you can watch. If you have a specific need for a certain channel or station, then check you will be able to get this first. A reputable dealer will always give you a trial period anyway if it doesn’t suit.

Well, that’s how I get free TV on my laptop. I hope you get the same.

Free demo! Although the quality doesn’t vary much, I think you’ll find the free demo interesting on this site

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