How to Get a Free Laptop

You have certainly seen the news piece on the TV or saw an ad online about websites that are promising free laptops. So how can you get a free laptop and why exactly would someone award it to you?

Well, only cheese in the mousetrap is on the house, correct? There are undoubtedly companies who gift computers, mp3 players and other cool presents but it is not entirely free as some allege. On occasion you will have to pay seldom finance, occasionally you will have to spend your precious time and sometimes even send your family to the offer.

I will account for a few ways how this may work for you. The easiest system to get free laptop is to test it. When a company launches a new product, they often look for folks who can test the new goods for them. Let it be makeup, notebooks, toys, even food. More often then not you get to keep it as a gift. You will nonetheless be required to do varied tasks with your gift and report back to the business with the results. There are tons of interested candidates to do this kind of testing and unfortunately sometimes it is not easy to get in. As I mentioned, you will also have to spend some time testing the product.

Another way to get a free laptop (as stated on CNN) is completing offers. The company offering this gift will show various offers to you and will ask you to complete them. Part of these offers are free trials, others demand some money, usually only a few dollars. The offers are quite acceptable; credit card applications, Netflix trial, free business cards and so on. If you enjoy the services, you can keep them, if not – freely cancel at any time, they are trials and nothing more.

These owner of the site can afford to give out a laptop to you because every time you complete an offer, either paid or free, they get paid a good chunk by the advertiser, to whom you became a potential customer for a long time. The website owner earns part of this money as his profit and uses the other part to buy you a gift in order to encourage you to complete out the offers – it’s a simple marketing approach. It’s a win-win-win situation. You get a free laptop, the publicist gets a possible new long-term client, and the website owner makes his percentage. This strategy of getting a laptop will often require you to send your friends to it as well, of course if you refer more people you will get your computer faster.

There are different models that are offered, every so often really expensive models of laptops are given out.

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