Laptop Bags – Travel in Color, Travel in Style (aka – Making a Splash in the Sea of Black)

Black, midnight, charcoal, ebony, raven, coal, slate…. Boring. Let’s face it, black is hot when you’re wearing it, but it’s boring in briefcases, messenger bags, laptop cases. Ever watched the endless sea of black at the luggage carousel at the airport? How anyone can find the correct bag is beyond me. Or, how about on the commute to work… how many boring, black briefcases can you count? It’s probably simpler to count the other colors. Let’s face it, if you’re not wearing it, black is boring.

So, spice it up! Travel and work in style – Go Exotic!

Heys USA, famous for their hard sided luggage has introduced a new fashion line of EXOTIC laptop cases. Think leopard, snake, dots, plaid, giraffe, tiger and a rainbow of fun colors called Flow. This is the perfect women’s laptop case. It’s a hard sided laptop case with a padded internal sleeve for laptops up to 15.4 inches. Made of polycarbonate composites, this women’s laptop case is lightweight and durable. It features accordion type pockets to provide a quick and easy access to folders and documents. The TSA lock will keep your valuables safe and the inline skate wheels and telescoping handle make it easy to navigate.

If style and color are your thing, but leopard, snake or plaid are not, do not fret! You can be on the cutting edge of fashion with gorgeous laptop bags from Knomo, Bramble & Brown, McKlein, Moonsus and Clark & Mayfield. The days when a women’s laptop bag had to look like a man’s, are long gone. These ladies bags have roomy interiors and extra pockets for our other essentials, longer shoulder straps to fit over a coat, and hardware that is truly elegant. Like many women, I am practical but want to look sharp. When I travel, I need to have a bag that fits my laptop, my papers and files, my cosmetics, my iPhone and my iPod. The latest designs hold all this and more.

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