Laptop Sleeves – Style is In

Today, fashion isn’t a thing restricted to garments or footwear. Fashion accessories are becoming a part and parcel of life. Similarly, the accessories and bags for high-end gadget laptops are now preferred by many young entrepreneurs as well as students. Laptop sleeves work for these group predominantly, and are new age accessories to add to your look.

Buy According to Size

Laptop sleeves won’t be of any use, if you buy either small or large size. Therefore, you must know the size of your laptop, and buy according to that. A laptop won’t fit in a smaller sleeve, while it will be too loose in a bigger sleeve. If you are not sure, consult the place from where you’ll buy the sleeve. Also, you can consult some other people who may help you. You can get laptop sleeves for the sizes 7″ – 11, 12″ – 14″, 15″ – 15.4″, and 16″ – 17.” That means, whatever the size of your laptop screen, you can get a sleeve easily according to that.

Unisex, For Men, and For Women

Again, to add to your style, there are various designs available. They are designed specifically for men or women, for those manly or girly people. Otherwise, there are bags for the audience which loves unisex stuff. Overall, you have wide range of options to add to your style quotient. There are animal prints, metallic bags, stripes, polka dots, etc. Also, available are plain colored laptop backpacks and sleeves.

Material Used for Laptop Sleeves

There are various kinds of material used for laptop backpacks, bags, and sleeves. The most common among them is neoprene. Other common materials used for making the sleeves are cotton, nylon, polyester, polyurethane, recycled products, faux snakeskin etc. Leather, canvas, microfiber, faux leather, suede, polycarbonate, suede, vinyl, are also used occasionally.

However neoprene has been identified as the most extensively used material for sleeves, other material give extra options so that you can choose the best for yourself. Sometimes, you may have allergy to some material, and therefore with a wide range of materials being used, you always have the power to choose.

Price and Brand

You have plenty of choice in the brand, and price. The sleeves start from as low as under $30, and as high as $200. There are lots of brand currently in trade of these. You can find bags from the numerous brands i.e. Aaron Irvin, Belkin, Booq, Brenthaven, Built NY, Case Logic, Case PC, CODi, Designer Sleeves, Electricbaby, GreenSmart, Heys USA, Isis Dei, Kailo Chic, Kena Kai, Kroo, MacCase, Manhattan Portage, Mobile Edge, Slappa, Speck, STM Bags, Sumdex, Sumo, Targus and many more.

With lots to choose, it won’t be hard finding the right fashion accessory cum laptop sleeve for you.

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