Refurbished Laptop Questions and Answers

Refurbished laptops are repaired laptops that have been returned to the manufactures for a number of reasons. They are check and updated by the manufacturer to make sure they are working properly and the error free they are then marketed at a lower price through various services. You can find refurbished laptops in the newest and most advanced models.

The process of refurbishing laptops is quite extensive they first go through an evaluation process which will identify any problems with the units. Repairs and upgrades are then made to the laptops and then they go through thorough testing, evaluation, and compliance standards. If the units meet these strict standards they are cleaned check for any scratches which are then repaired and are now ready to be put back out on the market.

Most companies offer a minimum warranty of three to six month. It will vary by the policies of the manufacturer. You normally can purchase extended warranties for up to two years which are available by many of the top manufacturers or the resellers themselves.

Refurbished laptops should be selected to match the intended need or use of the laptop. The reputation of the manufacturer can be a factor in this decision. You may want to consider the cost and check on the warranty, these are all thing that should be looked at and evaluated before selecting a laptop.

Some of the leading companies that refurbish laptops are IBM, Dell, Compaq Armada, Toshiba, Panasonic, Acer, and Fujitsu are some of the leading companies. There are some resellers which specialize in the refurbishing of laptops such as Used Laptops.Com, USA that are focused in too the refurbished laptop market.

Make sure you understand the difference between refurbished laptops and used laptops so you know what you are purchasing. Refurbished laptops are checked, analyzed, repaired, and updated laptops where a used laptop is normally sold as is after it has been used with know quality check or evaluation. Refurbished laptops are usually totally rebuilt by the manufacturer or a manufacturer approved dealer. They upgraded to the current market standards and then thoroughly tested making sure they are operating properly. Used laptops are just that used they may be cleaned and polished by the reseller but not much else is done to them. They do not come with the upgrades and assurances of the refurbished laptop.

With increasing competition among suppliers of the refurbished laptops today you can rest assured that pricing will remain an issue and your savings over buying a new laptop versus the purchase of a refurbished unit will be substantial.

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