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Just How Safe Is Your Mobile Phone?

With the widespread boost of cellular phone usage, it was necessary for scientists to check out the health issues that were presented by radiation emitted from mobile devices. Mobile phone radiation lies in the microwave region of the radio spectrum. The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) has actually positioned the cellular phone in Group 2B, thus marking it as potentially cancer causing.

Nonetheless, it must be seen that with appropriate safety measures, mobile devices can be used without negative effects. In fact, microwaves emitted from other devices such as microwaves, computer systems, TVs and so on emit a much greater degree of radiation compared to the cellular phone. ...

Cellular Phone Rental

Depending on your requirement, you could have several types of cellular phone rental:

International Cellular Phone Rental
Before having an international cellular phone rental, you'll need to decide if you will have a cellular phone rental in the United States or rent it when you get to your destination country. In addition, you should decide whether you want to have an online cellular phone rental, which offers great prices or have a cellular phone rental at the airport, where you pay extra for the convenience. ...

Cellular Phone Downloads


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