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Tablet Review of iPad 2, BlackBerry Playbook, Acer Iconia Tab and Samsung Galaxy Tab

Out of the four considered for the tablet review, the most popular one without a doubt is iPad 2. Compared to iPad, its predecessor, iPad 2 is relatively faster, thinner and lighter. The updated screen resolution, called the Retina Display, is 132 pixels per inch and the screen size is 9.7 inches wide. The direct competitor in regards to the screen size is the Galaxy Tab which has a capacitive touch-screen resolution of 1280x800. Two important flaws worth mentioning shared by both products is the fact that the screen is impossible to view in sunlight and after the first few uses, the screen is left with messy finger prints. Comparatively, the remaining two products considered in this review, the Blackberry Playbook, with a slightly smaller screen size of 7 in, and the Acer Iconia, with 10.1 inches screen, have better screen display when used in sunlight.

Another important factor worth discussing in this tablet review is the availability of application and the user-friendliness of the operating system. Avoiding all possible complex explanations in this review, the applications for iPad 2 which is compatible with its iOS are only available from Apple's online store. This drawback was discussed in almost every tablet review of the original iPad and iPad 2. Regardless, the user-friendliness of the operating system is something no other tablet has yet challenged. The most commonly mentioned fact of the BlackBerry Playbook is the lack of user-friendliness, with a platform much like most BlackBerry phones. Despite the fact, the Playbook supports Java and Adobe applications and POSIX OS. Acer Iconia, one of the few tablets to support Windows 7 platform, compared to the rest of the tablets discussed in this tablet review, falls behind the rest. Among the four products in this tablet review, the winner in the aspect of user-friendliness and application compatibility and availability would be Samsung Galaxy Tab with its Google Android platform specifically designed for tablets. ...

Find Out What Features Make The iPad 2 The Best Tablet

Claimed as the "best tablet for average consumers" by Walt Mossberg from All Things D, iPad 2 is one tablet to beat this year. One would wonder how iPad 2 can retain its customer base with the iPad still doing well in the market, but the fact is that Apple fanatics have time and again proved their loyalty towards the brand. Now compared to the iPad, the best tablet of 2010, iPad 2 is in few words thinner, lighter and faster. It still has the 9.7 inches 1024x768 display but this tablet is only 0.34 inches thick and weighs 1.33 lbs. Moreover, this widely declared best tablet is available in white and black with smart cover options coming in various colors.

Another upgrade added to iPad 2, the best tablet currently in the market, is two FaceTime cameras. Even though the quality of the camera is limited to 2 megapixels, the addition is highly appreciated by customers who can now enjoy applications like Photo Booth and iMovies on this best tablet. iPad 2, the best tablet of 2011, comes with Apple's original operating system which is upgraded from iOS 4.2.1 to iOS 4.3. This upgrade makes this best tablet run faster and makes it more reliable compared to other products competing for the title of the best tablet. iPad 2 comes with 16 GB, 32 GB and 64GB storage. It is worthwhile to mention a drawback in this best tablet, which is the unavailability of a slot for additional external memory. Products such as Motorola Xoom and LG Optimus, which are often compared with iPad 2 and considered to be the best tablet by some, offer this facility of microSD card slot. Regardless, this factor has not much affected the reputation of the iPad 2, neither has it changed the notion of iPad 2 being the best tablet. ...