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The Importance Of Software Testing

There is an entire phase in the SDLC dedicated to software testing. Traditionally, it's done after the developers have finished building the software - it's handed over to the testing team to perform tests on it. This is, in my opinion, the most important part of the SDLC process.

The reason it's so important is that it is the major factor in getting good quality software. Developing software that works and works well is the ultimate aim of a project, and the testing stage is where this is done. ...

What Is Software Testing and Why Become a Software Quality Assurance Tester?

So why do this as a career? Some of the reasons for becoming a software QA testing professional are:

  • You get to work on cool computer software systems - from small business to large corporations.
  • It's fun to find problems in software - challenging like a puzzle
  • Good career: high paying ($$$) and always in demand
  • Flexible - Can work either as an employee or a contractor/consultant

What Is the Value of Software Testing?

I help people find bugs in software before it goes out to you.

I am a "test pilot" for software. ...

Different Kinds of Software Testing Services

2. White Box Testing checks the various internal software and codings that the software is built on. Code coverage is the main factor.

3. Unit Testing deals with the checking of the modules that the software is broken into and requires detailed knowledge of coding, hence usually done by the programmers. ...