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What Are Some Of The Features In The Latest Tablets?

Ergonomic Designs: Many different types of tablets now have an ergonomic design. This allows users more selection when reading digital newspapers and magazines. For example, there are tablets that are weighted off-center to give users a better grip. As well, you can get a dual screen device that will open up and read like a book or magazine.

Improved Graphics: You can get tablets with more powerful graphics. There are tablets on the market that provides advanced visual 3D effects and other visual capabilities. It allows for better sharing of images. ...

Tips On Shopping For The Best Tablet For Your Needs

The tablet is the preferred alternative to the notebook computer due to its small size and weight. As well, its touchscreen handling by means of a stylus makes it a popular choice. It is important to consider the display. There are 12 inch tablet PCs and also very small but versatile 5 inch tablets. It is important to determine your purpose for using the tablet and the functions you need so you can decide what size screen display is suitable. Also, if you are interested in a touch tablet PC, look for a tablet that has multi-touch support which will permit you to use screen using a few fingers at once. Check the device to see if it has a quality touch interface for good functionality.

Memory is another important consideration. A tablet with 256Mb of memory will meet your requirements for regular daily use as it permits you to create and manage documents and files as well as and browse the Internet. How ever, if you need higher processing power, you will require a tablet with a higher memory. A convertible tablet PC provides the convenience of a keyboard. There are leading brands offering their own versions and appealing features. As well, a number of tablets come in a Wi-Fi-only model or they can come with the choice of always-on cellular service from a wireless provider. If you want to use your tablet to log online anywhere, you should select a model with a cell radio. ...

The New iPad and the Tablet Market

Now, as with the launch of any major Apple product, the iPad will see a spurt in sales & market share this quarter. But what will the iPad's market position look like in this industry in the long-term? In order to understand this, we need to understand the primary product & market segments in the industry. Industry segments typically evolve over time and have a greater impact as an industry matures. We have seen the beginnings of this kind of segmentation starting to form, with the launch of products like the Asus Transformer Prime and the Kindle Fire. Let's have a look at these segments and how they would affect the iPad, as well as the industry at large.

1) Media Tablet Segment - A media tablet could be described as a generic term for any touchscreen-only tablet. Obviously, this segment was created by Apple, with the launch of the iPad. This segment currently accounts for the lion's share of the tablet industry and with the launch of the Amazon Kindle Fire, this segment has become significantly more competitive. Since buyers of media tablets are predominantly average home users, the usage patterns are skewed primarily towards browsing and media consumption. For these users, the key factors affecting their purchasing decision comes down to brand, pricing & a large application base. This is the primary reason why the Kindle Fire has managed to be so successful in such a short span of time. Based on the target market for this product segment, the screen size and the price of the majority of products would be at the lower end of the market (7+ inches & $200-$400). This segment will start to get significantly more competitive later this year, with Google set to launch an Asus manufactured, quad-core, Nexus tablet at $200 and Amazon set to launch the upgraded Kindle Fire. ...