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Learn What to Look For When Buying a Tablet PC or Windows Tablet

Before mentioning the positives and specifications, it is essential to mention two of its drawbacks. Fujitsu has a comparatively weak processing speed and comes with a warranty of less than 3 years. Coming to the positive aspects of this tablet PC, it runs a full Windows 7 64-bit home premium operating system. The Fujitsu Lifebook, comes with 320 GB 5400 rpm hard drive and a 4 GB RAM. The screen is sensitive to the touch and responds to finger tips or stylus pen. The LED screen size, compared to other tablet PCs, is wide at 12.1 inches. The screen resolution is 1280x800 and comes with WXGA screen technology.

The battery life of the Lithium ion battery is above average as it lasts up to 5 hours. Other features of this tablet PC includes built-in Atheros XSPAN 802.11 B/G/N wireless adapter. It is undeniable that Fujitsu is the best tablet PC of 2011 as this N wireless adapter is the latest and till now, the greatest Wi-Fi technology introduced. Unlike the normal tablets, this one has LAN, USB Firewire, VGA, HDMI, ExpressCard slot, memory card slot and an audio port. The availability of input and output ports, unlike other fancy tablets, makes Fujitsu, more attractive to users. ...

Windows Of Opportunity – What Does the Future Hold for PC Tablets With Windows OS on Its Way?

Now, a tablet PC may not heal the sick, but other than that, I'd say that Mr. Kirby was quite ahead of the curve on that particular call. A good tablet PC in your back pocket can be a substitute for almost anything.

Instead of doggedly listing all that a tablet PC can do, it would be far easier to cobble together the things a tablet PC can't do. ...

How Do Windows Tablets Differ From The First Generation Of Traditional Tablets?

Within the Windows tablet, there is an actual hard drive rather that the traditional flash drive that was found in earlier versions. These new and improved tablets have many more features than the first generation of traditional tablets such as USB slots that permit other devices to be connected to it as well as a memory card slot that effectively becomes portable storage for the tablet. Many now come equipped with an HDMI port that gives users the ability to directly connect to HDMI devices and screens. In the past tablets were more of a stand-alone device used for personal entertainment. Now they can be fully integrated in your arsenal of high tech gadgets and devices used to get work done.

The hardware that comes with these new and improved tablets provides many important benefits. The most notable is the capability to run full desktop applications, again making these devices full work horses instead of one trick ponies. Since they support and run full programs, you now have the capability to transfer files from your computer to the tablet. You have all of the editing and viewing capabilities of your home computer on your portable and convenient tablet. In addition, unlike earlier version tablets, the Windows tablets can play HD videos, which mean superior multimedia capabilities. All these features mean that you can really impress the crowd during your next meeting by instantly recalling documents, graphs or videos and sharing them with fellow workers or clients. ...