Who is the Best Manufacturer of Notebooks?

Dell, Inc. is a multinational computer technology corporation. It is one among the largest sellers of personal computers and laptops. Dell products include servers, data storage devices, network switches and some peripherals. It was founded in 1984 at Texas, USA by Michael S. Dell. The fast growth of Dell Inc is during the periods of 1990’s when it crossed miles around the world and became a business giant. It’s the first corporation to introduce dealing with the customers directly. There were no retailers for Dell products. This started a new revolution in understanding the customer needs.

The Dell Inspiron is best known for its largest sale all around the world. The Inspiron notebooks and desktops are ranked on top for several weeks based on their superior performance. This Inspiron introduced several new features for desktops and laptops. The use of high powered batteries, better performance chipsets are all an added advantage of Dell Inspiron. Inspiron 14 laptops are the latest in this series of notebook. The Studio 15 notebooks are released now with several added features.

What made Dell the leading manufacturer of Notebooks and Desktops? The battery performance in the Inspiron notebooks was good enough. So is the desktop performance with good memory capacity, excellent CPU usage and so on. These made Dell indomitable and competing with this product was a tough task. What is new in the Dell laptop battery and charger? The Dell’s battery is made of Lithium ion with a capacity to store charge at 73 WH and 11.1 V. The battery life time was also a major concern. It was superior to any other laptop battery life time and performance.

The laptop charger charges the Li-ion battery. The full charge lasts up to 5 to 6 hours. It’s not advised to charge your laptop battery full all the time. It causes corrosion if it’s full all the time. This leads to several problems like excess heat produced during usage and most seriously the battery explodes in rare cases. The Dell laptop charger charges the battery only when the voltage is steady. They do not need an adapter unless the voltage usage is high. When the voltage fluctuates the laptop charger doesn’t work and battery seems not charging even when it’s charged for many hours.

Dell also provides user guides for improved battery lifetime. It’s always advised to run laptop in battery than in AC voltage always. This would increase the battery performance and lifetime. Charge your battery with only chargers provided by Dell Inc. Don’t use any other product’s charger. The Dell charger is specially designed for Dell Li-ion batteries. Charge your battery full and allow it to fully discharge at least once in a month. Over powering the battery will reduce it’s lifetime to 60%-80%.

When you use your laptop with AC/DC source remove the battery from the notebook. If battery is left in the notebook while it’s being used with AC/DC source then the battery cells produce excess heat due to overpowering. Keep your battery clean and condition the battery at least once a month. Use the battery power saver mode when you use laptop for many hours. Thus the Dell laptop charger and battery should be properly used as per guide for maximized performance and life time.

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