Work at Home Moms Unite at Panera Bread, Anytown, USA

Work At Home Mom…

The sound of that phrase was very enticing. The thought of never having to get in the car or hop on a train to commute to an office full of politics has a certain appeal to it. Then the hook…no panty hose. I could do my work in my pajamas and not even brush my hair if I didn’t want to.

I took the bait. I started my Work At Home career. It is amazing how things that sound too good to be true usually are. Time management and procrastination were both issues I needed to overcome. Prioritizing house work and work-work is tough when the piles of dishes in the sink are visible from your desk. Sometimes, working from home can even be a little bit lonely.

Then there’s my family. I love them all dearly. My husband is incredible supportive until he just needs me ‘for a second’.

My four daughters, ages 11, 12, 13 and 2 understand that Mommy works from home and that when she’s in the office that means she’s working. Ha, ha!

The walls in my house are just thin enough to hear, “I’m telling on you when the she’s done working!” “Daddy doesn’t understand Algebra!” “Only Mommy knows where the right markers are.” “You’re all punished if she doesn’t get her work done!”

OK, it’s not that bad. But some days it’s close.

The worst is the baby. I have sliding glass doors to the office. Trying to type or talk to a client with her little nose pushed up against the glass is torturous.

Then I stumbled into my soon-to-be secret ‘Satellite Home office’ right around the corner from my house.

Stopping in to my local Panera Bread to get coffee one morning I happened to notice several people with Laptops. It caught my attention but at the time I didn’t think much of it. Later that week my Internet went down in my house and that scene in Panera came back to me. I grabbed my Laptop and went to see how it would work.

Free WiFi Internet Access and a decent cup of coffee seemed pretty good to me. I got everything done that I needed to do.

Then it hit me. The table wasn’t cluttered with the mail I should have opened from a week ago, no family background noise, no dishes or laundry within reach calling to me and no noses pushed up against any of the windows or doors!

As a bonus, I discovered that I could get affordable snacks, free refills on soft drinks and, if I worked late, I could get a good, healthy dinner to-go for my family!

My secret new ‘Home Satellite Office’ was amazing. I actual found myself getting work done with no distractions and there were other great perks too!

I discovered that I wasn’t the only one who called Panera Bread their ‘Home Away From Home’ Office. The was a whole community of women that knew my secret!

Once I started talking to my new “office mates” I discovered that the clan includes lawyers, students, insurance reps, teachers, network marketers and business women of all kinds! Some women were conducting business online, others doing presentations and others were just enjoying time socializing with other like minded women.

Recently, one woman I met was an out of town HR Recruiter handling her interviews from behind a cup of coffee and an Asiago Bagel!

Panera Breads are usually spacious with ample seating and outlets for laptops and often have a living room type area near the front. The atmosphere is quaint and casual with light music playing in the background.

Don’t get me wrong, I mostly work out of my house and love the freedom being a Work At Home Mom offers. However, being able to escape to my Panera Bread Office really gives me the ability to enjoy my home based business career even more!

If you are a Work at Home Mom or Dad, I highly recommend you break away to a local Panera Office near you once in a while. Change of atmosphere is great for your productivity and gives you a reason to get dressed in the morning!

Grab your laptop or even just a good book and pick at spot in a Panera “office” near you!

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